Pipe Wrap Insulation Insulating pipes to save cash!!

Fiberglass Insulation

Fiberglass Pipe Wrap Insulation- This type of insulation looks similar to the rolled product that you probably have in your walls. The only difference is, there isn’t a cardboard paper backer on one side. Fiberglass insulation has a high heat retention value, but is not the neatest looking product on the market. You’ll also need to remember to wrap the insulation in plastic in order to prevent condensation buildup and dripping.

wrap-on fiberglass-use only the best

Unless you use...

We suggest Wrap-On brand Pipe Wrap. The cool thing about Wrap-On brand Pipe Wrap is that the highlighted product comes with a built in vinyl coating, so there is no need to re-wrap the pipes with a material to prevent condensation issues.