Pipe Wrap Insulation Insulating pipes to save cash!!

Types of Pipe Wrap Insulation

Types of Pipe Insulation

Foil Backed Pipe Wrap
- This type of insulation looks like bubble wrap with a foil backing to it. Reflectix is the most common brand name. You install Foil Backed Pipe Wrap
by wrapping it the short way around the pipe (commonly 6”) creating a series of wraps that overlap each other, rather than unrolling and taping on a single layer all around the pipe. This is a very common mistake that most people make when installing Foil Backed Pipe Wrap

Fiberglass Pipe Wrap Insulation- This type of insulation looks similar to the rolled product that you probably have in your walls.

wrap-on fiberglass-use only the best

The only difference is, there isn’t a cardboard paper backer on one side. Fiberglass insulation has a high heat retention value, but is not the neatest looking product on the market. You’ll also need to remember to wrap the insulation in plastic in order to prevent condensation buildup and dripping.

We suggest Wrap-On brand Pipe Wrap.

Tubular Sleeve Insulation

The cool thing about Wrap-On brand Pipe Wrap
Is that the highlighted product comes with a built in vinyl coating, so there is no need to re-wrap the pipes with a material to prevent condensation issues.

Tubular Sleeve Insulation- Often referred to as Insulating Foam Pipe Sticks
Perhaps the easiest to install, tubular sleeve insulation comes in a variety of sizes. To install, simply cut the sleeve to size, and then wrap it around the pipe. If more than one section of tubular sleeve insulation is required, use duct tape to seal the seams between the two sleeves. You may need to use either Foil Pipe Wrap Insulation or Fiberglass Pipe Wrap insulation in order to complete your corners. In most cases you can cut or notch the tubular sleeve insulation in order to go around any corners.

Insulating Foam Pipe Sticks
Is by far and away the easiest way to insulate your pipes fast!